Saturday, 14 May 2011


So today i popped in to town to post the latest shop orders and to return a couple of dresses to Primark. I didn't really want to buy anything (even though there is so much i want atm) but as soon as i walked past this little beauty i knew it had to be mine! I don't actually own a tan bag, i think the whole Alexa trend kinda killed it for me. But i think this is just so sweet and the perfect size for the necessities. I think I'm going to go back and get some more colours when i have some pennies! It was only £5!

Sorry again for the total lack of interesting* blog posts. I know outfit posts seem to be the most requested so I'll be back in to the swing of things blog wise from now on, I've got a new pair of amazing shorts from AX Paris to show you! I'm also going to give the blog a bit of a make over and get a new layout so I'm really excited about that. Thinking about dropping the scrabble theme as well, but still un decided. If you have any blog post/video requests feel free to get in touch cos I'm planning on spending a lot of time sorting it all out over the next few weeks. I need to have a good clear out of all my stuff before i move so keep an eye out at the blog shop too!

I handed in the bulk of my uni work in yesterday after about 2 hours sleep the night before. I still have odd collection bits to finish and my sketchbook this weekend but I'm feeling good about it. I had to spend £50 on ink and paper today for the smallest amount of stuff needed for hand in, I'm absolutely gutted. I've run out of transfer paper too! So annoyed. I might have to mission in to town tomorrow morning. Last night was the first night i slept through without waking up (wow i sound like a baby) since about Christmas! I've also managed to put my back out and I'm in agony. I think I've 100% been running on adrenaline for the past few weeks because now the end is in sight I've totally crashed and burned!

Woah essay! Anyone else excited for Eurovision? Trash tv, i love it!



  1. uuugh I really really REALLY wish we had primark in austria :(

    this bag looks awesome! what a bargain!

    and p.s. I will be watching Eurovision as well and I'm not ashamed of it! :D




  2. The bag's adorable! I'm with you on the Alexa thing, while I think it's a gorgeous bag, it's all over the internet. What other colours does this come in, then? I don't think I've seen it at my local Primark!

    Good job on handing in more uni work, it's so great that it's almost finished... I can't wait for my boyfriend's freedom, haha.

    x Michelle |

  3. I hate to say it, but Eurovision is my guilty pleasure!! That bag is beautiful, and you sound like you're gonna ace your uni degree, so good luck :)

    R - hello scrapbook

  4. That bag is absolutely beautiful!
    I'm unashamedly excited for Eurovision!! xx

  5. I hope they do this bag in black! It looks really expensive, so nice bargain :-)

  6. REALLY adorable bag & definitely a great bargain! what other colors do they have/which ones do you want to pick up! <3

    YAY for a new theme/new start on the blog. that's always exciting.

  7. I got this bag in white today, hello Celine Classic. Barely fits any of my stuff in but who cares, it is amazing.
    Good luck with the rest of your work

  8. That is a lovely bag :)
    I hope your back gets better soon.. I have a bad back too and it's just flared up, so annoying when I have deadlines!! :(

  9. I've seen this bag a few times on other blogs and it's adorable! I just hope there's some left when I can manage to haul myself into Leeds.


  10. Love this! Hope your back gets better soon and congrats on handing your work in :) x

  11. That is a beautiful bag and you have a beautiful blog!

  12. I wish there was a Primark in Canada, everyone seems to get such nice stuff from there for a decent price.

    Love the clutch, simple and elegant.

    ~ Em K

  13. Love the style of this tan bag! Almost identical to the Celine ones! x


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