Friday, 22 April 2011


Sorry it’s really long! Usually I do it a lot quicker but for video purposes I took my time. If you have any video requests please feel free to comment below, i wanto to start doing more videos so suggestions would be great!

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Enjoy your weekend! Hope you all get lots of chocolate!



  1. You have such lovely skin! I love watching other people put on make up, probably because I'm so nosy!

  2. that's a really good make-up style

  3. Your make up is always so flawless. Don't have time to watch it right now but will defo. be coming back to see how you manage it

  4. WOW! I love your smokey eye it looks beautiful and your skin looks so healthy and its glowing :).

  5. I like videos like this :) Your makeup style is really nice. I love your jewellery in your shop especially the owl rings they are so cute! X

  6. <3 this, your skin looks so clear!
    would love to see a celeb makeup inspired makeup vid, including the products you would use :-) x

  7. I really enjoyed watching this video! I hope you would do my make up for me some day, haha! Possible sugestions? Perhaps an insider to your favourite clothes in your wardrobe and how you would team them together? Or a recent purchase video, with something you've recently bought and try it on maybe? Anything would be good to see! xxx

  8. Im so nosy, this was fab! :) more vids of you pleeeease. I need to see if I can film on my slr, I have never noticed if I could but I'd prefer it to my macbook. What did you use to edit lovely? xx


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