Thursday, 3 February 2011

'What do YOU think are the key pieces to invest in for spring? any colours/styles we should be looking out for?'

Greys are subtly coloured and tinted with lilac. All tones of green are important, especially khaki, moss and olive. Neutrals take on a brown cast and shades of taupe are key. Watery blues are important again and range from deep and dark indigo to pale and clean, icy blue. Corals become more orange-infused and intense. Red is either pink or orange cast.

1/ Update the crop top using a trapeze silhouette.
2/ The classic white shirt is morphed into a blouse/shirt hybrid.
3/ An evolution of last season’s Envelope silhouette. Curvaceous hip volume creates a dramatic two-dimensional effect.
4/ French knickers cross over into outerwear with a sportswear aspect.
5/ Tight fitting Bodice and loose skirt create a sporty minidress.
6/ Modern in its complete simplicity, this statuesque dress hints at Roman drape detailing.
7/ The mini is transformed into a chic cone silhouette.
8/ Create an 80s retro-activewear appeal with this square silhouette shell top.

(click the number to see the item in the highstreet)

Have you got a fashion related question?



  1. This post is amazing, I love the way you've combined illustrations and photographs - it looks really effective! xxx

  2. Loving these new shapes, especially 1 and 4!

  3. Cooool! No wonder it took you hours lol Glad I've already got some of these in my wardrobe :) xx

  4. Those are really good colors for spring!
    and the items you picked are good too. Cant wait!

  5. I love this post, the illustrations with the actual items is a great idea and the illustrations themselves are fab x
    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  6. Loving the post (block colour are in so get lots of diff coloured stuff lol

  7. Love the layout of this! It's also really helpful :)

  8. love this post! love the colours and your recommendations- I might have to get the tesco dress and new look skirt :)

  9. I really like how you've organised this posts layout, it's really good with the illustrations! I'm quite liking the colour palette as well for Spring/Summer :) x

  10. Great answer :) this has given me lots of ideas! xxx

  11. I love it when you do fashion features like this, its so unqiue and not many other bloggers pull it off like you do!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  12. this post is fabulous! ive not seen anything like this on the bloggesphere, your fashion posts are my favs of yours xx

  13. an excellent post, and i'd love to see more of these fashion tutorial type posts from you! they're really helpful for planning a new wardrobe.


  14. i cannot wait for spring! i love your blog!


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