Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Just a quick post to let you know that scrabble rings are now on sale at £3.50 (inc p&p) for the next week or so! If you'd like one please email me vipxoblog@gmail.com. For more information please click here :)



  1. My kitten just launched herself at the screen trying to catch the snowflakes on your page lol!

    I'm just about to email you about the rings - been wanting one for ages! xx

  2. Is it also for international buyers o: ?

  3. I love your scrabble rings! I would totally buy them but i live so far away that the shipping would be far more expensive than the actual item lol. But i just wanted to let you now that they're really pretty and look so well made (a plus in handmade jewellery).

  4. I love them! I've just sent you an e-mail xx

  5. LOVE these rings, so so so creative!!


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