Saturday, 2 October 2010


-Beth. C

Say hello to Beth! This is the first Lookbook of the week featuring a girl I talk to, it’s one I’ve been planning for a while now and as Beth very nicely featured me in her follow Friday, I thought this would be the perfect time to return the favour. She’s a very lovely girl so everyone should go and visit her and see what she’s been up to!

The first thing I notice about Beths style is how each of her outfits look really planned and as if each item was bought specifically to go with another. I like that she’s done a DIY on the crop top, which was from an old t-shirt, but you’d just think it came straight off the hanger in Topshop. Therefore saving some pennies which is always a plus! The matching of colours in the second picture are just incredible and give a really doll like look, which I really love and I think really suits her.
But my favourite of Beths looks is the 3rd one. Every time I see it I sigh and think ‘Ohh, I want it all.’ It’s so cute, yet so chic at the same time. It makes her look like a real fashionista and that she spent a lot of money on her outfit when really it’s all just from the high street. She’s given me some great ideas about what I can do with my wardrobe and I hope she’s inspired you too.

// Curved Hem Pocket Crop Top- Topshop £8
// Long Sleeve Sheer Blouse- Topshop £45
// Waffle Over The Knee Socks- Tosphop £8
//Tights- Topshop £8
//Tube Skirt- New Look £7.99
// Suede Brogues- New Look £19.99
// Twist Lock Satchel - New Look £24.99
// Print Dress – £10
// Trilby Hat- £16.95
// Tan Belt – H&M £14.99
// Lacoste Trainers – £35



  1. She reminds me of Amanda from Ugly Betty! I like the first outfit the most, especially the colour of the socks - very preppy. I love the sheer blouse you've picked out but £45 is too expensive!

  2. thanks Vic :)
    my friend also said I reminded her of Amanda... lol xx

  3. Hi Victoria!

    Love your friend's style! I'll definitely go check her out!!
    Love her blouse in the 2nd pic!!!


  4. Love that first pic....and thanks for pointing me in the direction of that skirt from New Look!!

    T x

  5. She's got great style! Love the burgundy colours in your clothes picks!

  6. I love the shirt in the middle picture - so gorgeous!

  7. Lovely outtits.

  8. I can definitely see the Amanda thing there...all the outfits are cute. lovely :)

  9. Oooh i love the sachel its similar to the Mulberry which im dying to get! i might just get this one for the meantime :)

    lovely outfits xx

  10. awesome!! love these three looks and great idea to post the single pieces...

    following you!

    (new post: Milano di notte & follow me)

  11. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog - the nail varnish does last quite a long time!

    You have a great blog here yourself, I love this particular post, the outfit in the first pic looks great and I love you have provided some alternatives to 'get the look'

    I'm now following you too :)

  12. great items, love her style x

  13. Hiya, Beth!

    Love your friends style.

    I love the items she's featured, the red oversized top is fit! xx

  14. wow her style is amazing. love the feature! and aw adore your blog so, am now a follower! :) and love your initials ;).

  15. Thank you so much for your sweet comment and for following! :) I love your blog too.

    Wow, this girl is gorgeous! And can she pull off socks or what?! Love her third look.


  16. Oooh i'm in love with the first outfit, gorgeous! You have beautiful legs!

  17. Oh I was to quick, didn't read that it's you friend and not you!! Anyway, very nice!

  18. ooh i love all of her socks! and her hair is gorgeous.

  19. I like her first outfit.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  20. Thanks so much for your comment and for following me. It is very much appreciated! I love your blog and all your blogger profiles you do. I'm a follower now:)
    Thanks again!

  21. nice blog, great pictures!

  22. Wow! It's such an amazing Blog you have here.
    Oh and I love the Suede Brogues above. Great color. Thank you very much for the sweet comment on my Blog! xx, Alice from bells and whistles
    Ps: I would be so glad if you want to follow me :)

  23. the 1st pic on d left is great combo =)

  24. i just discovered her blog yesterday actually, i love it!

  25. awe she is gorgeous! loving each outfit to the MAX!

    thanks for the comment and follow btw girlie, I love your blog too! so I am now a follower :D

    x talk to you soon sweety!

  26. She looks well lovely! I like how are outfits are feminine yet with a nice touch of masculine pieces.

  27. Oh my god, such lush outfits. I love the first one, and funnily enough I have that skirt :D


  28. LOVE the second look. Very Blair Waldorf. Great blog - you've nabbed yourself a new follower :) xx

  29. A really nice collection of clothes!
    Keep it up and thanks for sharing!
    All the best
    Midnight Couture Girls

  30. I just got so excited and went to the New Look website to get that skirt, only to find out it's out of stock :( SO disappointed!
    Great post though, I love the outfits :)

  31. Ooh she reminds me of Olivia Palermo..? Thanks for sharing this! x

  32. ahhh im in love with the first outfit! the socks and sneakers give the skirt a totally new lease of life.


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