Saturday, 4 September 2010


Today me and Matt visited York. It's one of our favourite places to visit, it takes us about an hour on the train so it feels like we're actually going somewhere for cheap!
We got a really early train to make the most of the day and headed to the National Railway museum which was actually so intresting, i only managed to take a couple of photos before my batteries died. BOO!
We then headed to the York Castle Museum and at £7 getting in we thought it was quite good value, especially as the tickets are valued for a year.
They have everything in there, from the Victorian era to the ''swinging'' sixties.
We spent a good few hours there, then went for a mooch around the shops and brought ice cream. I had bubblegum and rum and raisin, random i know, but my two favourites!
I ended up getting a couple of Christmas pressies too, which is always good.
We got home about 6, had dinner and now we're sitting in front of the box.
A brilliant day all round.


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