Tuesday, 14 September 2010

All Primark.

I didn't go in to uni today, yesterday was such a waste of time i just generally couldn't be bothered. From what i've heard, i've not missed a thing.
Pattern cutting tomorrow and Wednesday. That should be a lot better, i hope. Considering we're paying our own teachers for these classes, it better be worth it. Costing me a small fourtune.

My laptop FINALLY arrived this afternoon, im so happy to have it back and for it to be looking all new! It was a right mission getting back in to my lap, but here it is! Means i can make a start on sorting out all my photos/itunes.

Im off to the post office in mo, got an Ebay item to post, and then back for some more scrabble with my boy! Im now slightly addicted. If you've not played it in a while, you deffo should!

Someone asked for my formspring link, so here it is. There's also a little icon over on the right hand side.


  1. Love the look :) Looks relaxed but stylish!

    Stacey xx

  2. You have the most amazing hair - it looks gorgeous! Love the shirt too ^.^


  3. Glad you got your laptop back.
    Love the outfit.

  4. love the outfit and your hair is stunning!


  5. beautiful!! i love how you do your makeup too!

    jennifer & sherry

  6. wow i love the outfit, love that it's primark too! thankyou for the follow xo

  7. Love your hair, Love your outfit & Love your blog! x


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