Tuesday, 31 August 2010

I've had the most amazing few days.
Getting upto Newcastle on Thursday went well, me and Lauren ended up being on the same train and had no idea until 5 mins before her train pulled into my station.
That was the start of the many giggles to follow..
Rachel still had no idea we were coming up, she couldn't believe it when we both knocked on the door. Bex and Drew were already there so that was really well planned!
She has a lovely place and really nice housemates.
We made a quick dash to Asda to get supplies and then started with the good times.
We ended up going out at around 11pm and within the first 5 mins i had a girl come on to me and try to convince me to become a pole dancer. Apparently, i have the face for it? Im not sure how to take that.
It was a brilliant night, and we stumbled through the door at around 4am.

I missed my train on Friday, which really sucked. I managed to blag my way home though which was amazing and ended up getting home only half hour later than planned.
Parents got up around 8pm and i made us all enchiladas which were sooooo yummy!

We drove back home Saturday morning and went to a friends BBQ, Sunday we went to Ikea and then Monday (yesterday) we had a BBQ and Lauren and her boyfriend Jordan came over. It was so lovely, they ended up staying till nearly 10pm!

Me and Matt got back to Leeds about an hour ago, our train got cancelled. Door to door has taken 4 hours.
This afternoon i will be sleeping.

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