Friday, 18 June 2010

Took the rents to myself and Matts favourite Indian resturant, Manchester with Mum, back home, drinks for the England game, BBQ in the rain, hours and hours playing Spyro The Dragon on my PS2, dinner with an old friend and meeting her 4 week old baby Travis, drinks in the sun with a friend who's going travelling for 18 months and getting a stupid sun line where my cardi was on my arm (NOOO!) drinks and cinema to see SATC 2 with my bests, which made the film much more funnier, being offered an amazingly paid well 4 day job at an events company for next month, cooking dinner for my dad, making Fathers day cards with mum for her to sell, reading an amazing book, watched 3 episodes of Pineapple Dance Stuidos with the rents, countless baths and cups of tea and generally being so happy to be out of that house back in Leeds.

Matts coming down this weekend, Dads picking him up from the station on his way home from work.
So this weekend will be all about good company, good food and good drink.
And i couldn't be more excited!

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