Sunday, 9 May 2010

I can't even explain how much my life sucked this week.
I've done that much work i've managed to watch 4 seasons of SATC
I've been so stressed i've not been able to sleep and i've been a right moody cow.
However, it's all over. Kinda.
I ran out of time on Friday, the last minute bits ended up taking forever and therefore i didn't get stuff finished, i was gutted. I still am.
Im allowed to go in tomorrow and finish my skirt, which is really good but im so disappointed in myself for my lack of time management.
The marks i could loose could make all the difference.

I slept until lunch time yesterday, and woke up to a lovely cup of tea made by matty. We wanted a day doing something so we went into town and went to the Leeds musuem and gallery, it was realyl fun! We had lunch out and then had an Indian later that night.

I've well and truly thrown my room upside down this week, so that really needed sorting this morning. Also have a mountin of washing to do as i've not had time.
So that pretty much sums up my day.

Also, gotta put in a good few hours worth Vogue reading in.

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