Sunday, 2 May 2010

So Thursday was hell, it didn't get any better either. My illustrations didn't print correctly so i had to add that to the list of things to do. I found it so hard to get to sleep i ended up going into uni a lot earlier to make a good start. Which i did, i totally pulled the day around and got EVERYTHING i had planned to get done by the end of the week done.
I came home yesterday, it had been booked for a while but it worked out to be really good timing. It was just the sewing embellishments that was left to do, and my Mum very kindly offered to help. Between us, it took around 9 hours to sew everything on, they are now complete. I now have a maxi dress, harem pants, long top, crop top and it's just a waist band i need to do on the skirt. I'm so pleased. Now it's just the other list i need to get through before Friday.

Before getting home, i found out my Leeds house got broken into on Friday night. I was at Matts so had no idea until i got back yesterday morning. It was thought that whoever the dick was who did it climbed through the bathroom window, but later conversations showed that the backdoor was left unlocked whilst about 7 people sat around in our living room, you would usually see someone going upstairs but my housemates can be oblivious and loud at the best of times so who knows. Luckily, nothing of mine was taken. I have a heavy door so they must of thought i was asleep as it was closed. Two other housemates had laptops, phones, camera and jewelry taken. So awful. Police were over yesterday to take finger prints, i highly doubt they'll catch who did it.

Today there's a big family meet up in Stoke. Quite looking forward to that, always nice to have a day out!

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