Monday, 26 April 2010



So trekking in to town to buy some uni supplies turned out to be a lot more fun!
I brought a sequin face top in Primark, it's really long at the back so im going to get my sewing machine out and bring it up. I also got two plain vest tops, along with a pair of harems in a khaki colour, three pairs of underwear at £1 each and then the accessoeis for £3!
The thing i didn't get were some black flats, i don't like spending a lot cos they get propa battered but the ones in Primark were £11! I remember when the same ones were £4. Crazy!
Amazing sale in Miss Selfrige. Brought two pairs of silk harem pants at £5 each. SO GOOD!
SO all in all, a really enjoyable day.
Now on to the massive work load that is sitting next to me!

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