Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Im still waiting for a playsuit & a pair of boots i brought of Ebay last week.
At 9.20am this morning, i thought my luck had come, i saw a post van outside and rannnnnnnnnnnn down the stairs, only to find no one there, so i shouted and he said he left it on the step.
There was nothing there.
Im guessing he was knocking next door and in my sleepy state got confused, and as he didn't look back, he obviously thought i was someone else.
How annoying, im going home on thursday i hope they arrive by then!

On the plus side, my Look magazine should be here soon.

I need to put a wash on, it's going to be my usual day of tea, bed & Sex And The City. I think im however watching too much, when episodes are now becoming my dreams.

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