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I first heard about Wired Jewellery when Faye (who owns it) started following me on Instagram and i instantly fell in love one of the bracelets she had photographed. I'd been book marking a few pages for birthday present ideas this year when a very lovely email popped in my inbox asking if she could send some items for me to feature. Usually when I'm sent something i just feature it in an outfit picture and don't always give it a whole separate post, but when these beautiful pieces popped through my letterbox on Saturday morning i was so over the moon with what Faye had picked, knew i had to do a post just about them.

''This rough-cut wonder in its natural, unpolished form is simply beautiful. Each bracelet is made using a Rose Quartz crystal and sterling silver. These bracelets were designed to be worn tight, so the stone sits in one place''

I don't like to feel like I'm wearing jewellery so because this bracelet is so light weight it gets a big thumbs up from me! I got this in a size M which is a lovely fit and i do have fairly small wrists.

''This colours of this kaleidoscope like ring are so appealing, there’s something new from every angle. They bond quartz with titanium and niobium to create the unusual colours and it is then set in sterling silver to create this beautiful statement piece.''

I'd say this ring about 2cms which is a lovely little size and again very light weight. I've been wearing this ring every day since i received it and it's nice to look down and remember it's there and see the pretty colours!

''Taking inspiration from all things Navajo at the moment and just loving triangles. This large triangle ring can be worn inverted for a completely different vibe. Lovingly handmade from a large solid brass triangle and a silver plated fully adjustable ring, a perfect statement piece''

Triangles have been doing the rounds in the blogging world for months now so I'm going to guess this ring is going to be very popular. Light weight again but with a bigger size of about 4cms for each side. Love the statement look of it!

I really LOVE every single piece and i love the fact they're all so unique. It makes a nice chance to see an online jewellery shop which has totally different stock from what you usually see. I can't rate the quality of products enough, they are just amazing. I'd say they were total value for money and it's always nice knowing they're handmade!

Get 10% off with the code VIPXOROCKS



I often get asked what my favourite pieces of jewellery i own are. I must admit that sometimes i just don't think to add a ring, bracelet, necklace etc and i will often keep my outfits really plain. But every now and again I'll stick something on and that will most probably be a ring (or 5). So here is my ring box, i bought this little beauty from Ebay for only a couple of quid. (I've found one for those who are interested) It's perfect for keeping them all together and you can easily see what you've got to choose from.

I have all sorts of rings (not all are in here as i need to get another box) and these are the ones i wear most. A lot are from Primark such as the heart, gold chunky, purple stone and the cream rose. The owl is from Ebay (£1.99!), the heart key is from GG, all the stone rings on the right hand side are form jwlry and then the black stone, V and sunburst are from my shop. All the other odd ones were gifts.

I like to think that i have a good range of rings for all different outfits and occasions!



(The chains are just blurry)

Ok, i know i wasn't going to blog much this week, but i couldn't wait to show you these necklaces. In my previous post i mentioned that i was doing something new with the shop and this is first new item i'll be adding. Eventually the Scrabble bits will come off and be replaced by other accessories. I only have a limited amount of stock, so if you want to own one for yourself you can click here! I really want to keep one in each colour for myself!

If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in the shop please feel free to let me know! <3


I've been dying to show you all my latest scrabble creation! I wasn't going to blog until tomorrow but i literally couldn't wait any longer! I made this little number yesterday after someone on Twitter (sorry i can't remember who) linked me to a picture of a scrabble tee she had just bought at the weekend. I was just so inspired to then make my own 'vipxo' one! I have no idea if I'm going to start selling them, it was just a tester and i want to see how much interest i get before i deffo commit to it. But I'm so pleased how it turned out! Even if it does make me look like i love myself...
Me and Gem were having a giggle and came up with these ideas...

What do you guys think? What letters/words would you have on there?


Just a quick post to let you know that scrabble rings are now on sale at £3.50 (inc p&p) for the next week or so! If you'd like one please email me For more information please click here :)


My post today is going to be about the amazing website that is Babi Online. As soon as i came across their website i fell in love with literally everything! The thing that appeals most to me is the reasonable price of it all. You know me, im a real bargin hunter and i was finding myself really impressed with their items, and they have so much on their site. It's really nice to see fresh new jewelery on the web. Apart from this amazingly beautiful hand make owl necklace, i really love the dove ring, white comb earrings & black snake bangle. They're even offering a free gift with every item until 31st December! Which is perfect with Christmas around the corner! So, which ones are you going to be asking Santa to get you? Im going to ask him for the snake bracelet!

Here's where you can find them:



Look what finally popped through my letter box this morning.. the ring bases! Yay! Not so happy i've had to wait exactly a month, but they're now here. So i'm all ready to make you some scrabble rings to add to your collection. Im going to be letting them go for £4 each so if you're interested in the rings or these bracelets then please drop me an email at


I did my nails tonight, so i thought it'd be the perfect time to show you my favourite rings. I often wear them in outfit posts but for some reason never take photos, but finally i have one!
The red rose i bought from a little shop online last year, the owl is fromm Ebay and the other two are from Primark. If i remember correctly, they were only £1 each. You know i love my bargins!
I know the photo shows it, but i haven't left my thumbs out. I just have them a bit shorter as i find it near enough impossible to do anything and it drives me crazy!


How amazing are these clips?! I absoluety love them! So when Sophie from Crown And Glory asked if i would like some i jumped at the chance. She must have had a 6th sense or something and Knew about my love for tea, and how in my previous life i was infact a tea pot! They are so cute and i'm going to be wearing them so much this winter. But next time i'll remember to turn the tea pot around the other way!
She has a lovely collection of items on her website from fascinators, headbands, broochs and loads more! Shes even kindly given you lovely lot a 15% discount at the checkout. All you gotta do is type 'vipxo' and it's valid unitil 31/10/2010!
So what you waiting for? Don't forget to tell me which ones are your favourites!


So it’s been just over a week since this post about making some scrabble jewellery. After spending a small fortune and waiting for things to arrive I can now announce that I am all set to make you some scrabble charm bracelets! (Im still waiting for the ring bases) But how exciting!
Obviously I don’t have an awful lot of everything. I wasn’t sure how many people would be interested so I didn’t want to go overboard.
If I get a lot of interest and people want to place an order that’s totally fine, I will deff order some more stuff so you shouldn’t be waiting long.
So if you’re interested, or have any questions then please drop me an email at so I can let you know prices and what’s going on etc.

Yay! So looking forward to this!


As you can see, i love scrabble. Me and my boyfriend spend hours after hours playing the game. It's so much fun, so if you've not played in a while you deff should!
I've been thinking about making some scrabble inspired jewellery for a while, and tonight i decided to go for it. So i've bought everything i need to make rings and fingers crossed it should be here this week.
So, this is my question to you lovely lot..
Would you be interested in having your own scrabble ring?
Im also thinking about making necklaces too so i'd love to hear your opinions about whether you think i should or not?

Feel free to reply on here or send me an email
Thanks guys!

EDIT- I've now bought the stuff to make charm bracelets. I think i'll leave necklaces for a later date.


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