Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I love Primark nails; I personally think they’re the best on the high street! I’ve spent a fortune on falsies before, frequently picking up those £6+ packs only for them to ping off a few hours later. So when Primark bought out their fake nails a few years ago in all honesty I wasn’t holding out much hope but they had a pattern on which would go perfectly with what I was wearing that night so I thought I’d give them a go. I didn’t even try the glue and I still haven’t. I buy a separate brush on glue which just seems to last a lot longer, I get mine from eBay for a couple of pounds.  Every few months Primark will bring out a new range of falsies so I tend to stock up when I can and the above are my most recent purchases from a few weeks ago. Each set will last about a week on me without any pings and then I’ll get another use out of them before throwing them away but when they’re only £1 a pack I don’t think that’s bad at all! I love Primark false nails and I couldn’t recommend them enough!

If you can't get to Primark you can buy them on eBay for a little bit more



  1. Love the nude pink-ish colour ones- they're perfect summer nails!

    Eve xo | http://anorganisedscatterbrain.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. I love these! Especially the coloured triangles, definitely going hunting at my nearest Primark this weekend! xx

    Caroline | carryoncaroline.com

  3. I've tried these a few times but always end up losing them after a night!
    I will try your tip of using a different glue and see if this makes a difference, the designs are lovely and I really want them to work for me.

    Christie x

    1. Update: I went to Primark to stock up and they had quite a few reduced to 50p! Bought the glue you recommended and so far so good after 2 days :)!

  4. Never tried these but I think I might have to

  5. I love the Primark flasies as well, they are just so easy to use!

    Ellé | www.ellesimpson.co.uk

  6. I love primark nails! They last so well and always such lovely colours and patterns! x

    India Charlotte♥

  7. these designs all look amazing, I have never really tried false nails before but these ones seem to be a good first step to trying them out :D thanks for sharing Victoria x


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