Friday, 29 April 2011


Ok, so i'm kinda cheating. This pic was taken before uni on Wednesday and i posted it on Tumblr/Twitter so sorry if you've already seen it! I'm not planning on making any effort with my appearance today so i thought it'd post at least something.

My plans for today are to cry at the Royal wedding and cry at my uni work.

Enjoy your weekend peeps! <3


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

I look like I'm about to kill someone in the first pic! Sorry about that!
This top was a very lusted after item since May last year, after seeing Sarah Jessica Parker wear one in Sex And The City 2. So i hunted one down on Ebay and have loved it ever since. In fact, i wore it for the first ever outfit pic i did (nice to see how much weight I've lost). I've teamed it with my Vero Moda skirt which I've shown you once before. It's going to be perfect for summer! I love this outfit, even if i do look about 12. My hair has been in plats hence the random curls/crimps.

I have 3 weeks left of uni, and it's pretty manic right now. Hoping* to get a photo shoot done of my collection on the 16th so you'll be able to see what I've spent the past few months working on. We're also sorting out the fashion show, and I'm still a couple of models down which is quite stressful. If it wasn't for my parents wanting to go i wouldn't be bothered about it considering it's not going towards our final grade!

Thanks for all your lovely comments regarding my latest video and for everyone who has subscribed. It means an awful lot to know that you find me interesting enough to watch me! I'm still after some suggestions so let me know what you'd like to see.

I'm having a bit of a Tumblr addiction at the mo, so hook me up!


Sunday, 24 April 2011



I’ve always liked Nicole Richie, I first remember seeing her in the The Simple Life and finding her absolutely hilarious. However her fashion sense never appealed to me until she put on a lot more weight and started having kids. Ever since then her style has become something I wish I had and she really does know how to dress well. When looking for pictures to use as inspiration I found myself falling in love with her dresses, but most of them were worn on the red carpet or with tights. So I thought I’d find some outfits which are s/s related and can easily be achieved if you want to for yourself. I love her sunglasses and her black shoes which go with everything!
Here are some pieces you can find in New Look and Miss Selfridge at the mo. I’ve also included a House Of Harlow (Nicoles jewellery line) inspired ring because I’ve recently started selling them in my shop. I'm thinking about seeling the necklaces too so let me know what you think. Don’t forget I have a 15% in place with the code EASTER which is ending tomorrow!

If you have any style stealer requests please feel free to suggest so! <3


Friday, 22 April 2011


Sorry it’s really long! Usually I do it a lot quicker but for video purposes I took my time. If you have any video requests please feel free to comment below, i wanto to start doing more videos so suggestions would be great!

Just to let you know have a 15% discount in place at my shop with the code EASTER <3 br="">
Enjoy your weekend! Hope you all get lots of chocolate!


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

Ahhhh so excited to tell you about this little giveaway!

Basically, for those who have followed me for a while, or have been linked to me because of the Alexander Wang bag you'll know that i generated a lot of traffic for the Ebay seller. They recently got in contact with me, and as a thank you they wanted to send me some black wedges (OMG I FINALLY HAVE A PAIR) and a top to give away to one of you lovely lot! The top is what I’m wearing in todays outfit post (i thought it would be the best way to show you, you can see pic here though) i seriously love it so much, and really want to keep it for myself! But hey, I’ve got some wedges so i won't be greedy! The top has the label H&M on it, so I’m guessing they got them from the same supplier? I'm not overly sure, but I’m guessing it'll be in stores soon if it's not already. The top is a size 10, it is a bit tight on me because I’m a size 14 so keep that in mind if you want to enter! The wedges I’m wearing are amazing, seriously they are so light and so comfy they won't cripple my feet at all. They have some really lovely things in their store at the mo so go and check them out!

The leather bracelets and ring i'm wearing are from my shop!

So all you gotta do to enter is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment saying you want to enter with your email address! I'll add an extra entry for everyone who tweets/mentions it on a blog post. I will ship worldwide and the giveaway will end at midnight on Thursday 12th May 2011! (when i finish all my uni work!)

Good luck! I'm sooo jealous!

(Today is my home girls 21st birthday so everyone go and wish her a happy birthday cos she's fab!)


Monday, 18 April 2011


I was having a sort out of all my folders on my laptop yesterday, it's been really lagging recently so i thought I'd have a good clear out and move stuff to my hard drive. So when i came across the folder 'blog photos' i thought id have a rummage through. I was actually really shocked at home many outfit pictures I've done since about September time, and it's really nice to look back and see how I've changed. I can tell I've lost weight which is good, and you can see that my hair has got longer and more ruined! So i thought I'd pick a few of my favourites and show my new readers what outfits I've worn before.

My all time faves have got to be this one and this one though!

I'd love to hear which ones are your favourites out of all my outfit posts! Are there any that stand out for you?


Friday, 15 April 2011


<3 my ladies!


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Lookbook / Chictopia

I know I’ve mentioned my love for this seasons block colour trend a couple of times, and some might think I’m taking it too far with the pink and blue but I actually really like this outfit. The shirt and blazer were bought from a college sale last week to raise money for a business being run by a friend. I think I paid about £6 for both items so as you can imagine I’m totally impressed. I’m getting a good collection of block colour items in my wardrobe now, and I’ll probably be wearing them long after the trend fades.

Today I got an email from New Look telling me about their sale. I can’t buy anything for myself, as I’m trying to save some serious pennies, but I did have a little look and fell in love with this this, this and this. I know it’s not a fashion related post, but hopefully you’ll like them and find something you will spend your pennies on! I’m hoping to get some fashion posts up in the next few weeks; I actually really miss doing them.

I have my best friends coming up to stay tomorrow, and I’m so so so excited! We’re going out for birthday cocktails tomorrow night, and then I’m having some more friends over on Thursday night. It’ll be lovely seeing them again as It’s been a good few months since we were last together! I've spent the whole of today giving the apartment a good tidy.

Still getting myself sorted with uni work, still very busy, still running out of time.

It looks like photobucket has been down for a while, ignore the missing images. Hopefully they'll be back up soon!


Monday, 11 April 2011


On Friday i took a trip down to London to see all my family and attend my cousins baby shower, she currently has 3 weeks to go until the little lady is born so it's all pretty exciting! We had tea and cakes and played baby themed games which was a right giggle. I then travelled across London to get a train back to my home town to stay with the rents because yesterday was my 22nd birthday! Matt also got a train down from Leeds so it was nice having him there too! So yesterday for my birthday, and for something different we went to Leicester space centre (myself and Matt are massive geeks, and it was good research for my final major project at uni!) it was really fun, even if the 3d film they show made me feel sick! It was a very quiet birthday, i guess nothing would ever top my 21st last year, but it was nice and i got some lovely gifts. We got back to Leeds today, and i currently have a pile of washing that needs doing and the apartment needs a good tidy. However my afternoon will involve tea, birthday cake and Harry Potter! I've added a pic of my cat Jade because she's a legend, and probably hasn't got long left giving the fact she's over 18 years old! She's crazy, but i love her anyway!

Oh and a MASSIVE thank you to the 50+ tweets i recieved yestersay wishing me a happy birthday! I was totally blown away by your kindness so thank you very much! Mega love to Lily and Michelle too for giving me a birthday shout out! <3 br="br">

Friday, 8 April 2011

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


(The chains are just blurry)

Ok, i know i wasn't going to blog much this week, but i couldn't wait to show you these necklaces. In my previous post i mentioned that i was doing something new with the shop and this is first new item i'll be adding. Eventually the Scrabble bits will come off and be replaced by other accessories. I only have a limited amount of stock, so if you want to own one for yourself you can click here! I really want to keep one in each colour for myself!

If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in the shop please feel free to let me know! <3 br="">


Sunday, 3 April 2011


The blue trousers are the same style as the ones I showed in my last outfit post. They fit totally different, and I think it’s down to the fact these have pockets. I really like the spring like colours at the mo, and I love mixing colours about. The coral vest top was £4 from Primark, and I got it in a purple colour too. My amazing necklace is from This Charming Girl. It's so pretty and the colours change in the light! Jackie sent me a really lovely email asking if she could give my readers a discount, so how could i say no?! She is so lovely! All you got to do is use the code VIPXO for 15% off! You have 2 weeks to use it too. She's also given me another necklace which will be featured in a giveaway really soon!

I’m going to be a bit MIA this week. Uni work has taken over my life, I need to dye all my fabric, paint on it and get all my toiles done before the week is out. 14 hour+ days will be my week. So unfortunately my blog will take a back seat. I’m also in London next weekend for my cousins baby shower (awhhh!!) then I’m back home for my birthday, then back to Leeds, then my friends are coming up so as you can imagine i'm going to be pretty busy. But I will be blogging, it just won’t be consistent.

I now have an iphone, I got persuaded by 3 and the deal was really good. I knew i'd regret it if i didn't. Who needs money to eat anyways?! So now i NEED a really tacky case with VIP in jewels on the back. If anyone can hook me up that would be fab!

For anyone that’s followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that way back in October I started doing scrabble jewellery etc etc. In recent months and even in weeks I’ve seen more and more girls doing the whole scrabble thing. I’m not claiming I was the first, nor have I ever said that no one else can. I’m all for everyone giving something a go once, but i am quite disheartened that so many have now decided to do the same thing. So I’ve decided to stop. It’s just not worth it now with so many others doing it, everyone’s doing different prices so at the end of the day someone selling will always get messed about. So I’ve ordered my last stock, reduced prices (which will probably get even more reduced) and I’ve put a 22% code in place (VIP22). But it’s time to call it quits. It makes me feel sad actually, because you know the whole theme of my blog is scrabble but hey, gotta move on to better things. So I’m still keeping my shop, it’ll just be different things in there. If anyone wants to bulk buy remaining letters please let me know, I’d rather see them go to a good home and will get used, otherwise they’ll probably get thrown away.



Friday, 1 April 2011

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