Saturday, 30 October 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

The dress is from Primark (like my WHOLE wardrobe), but i actually bought it on Ebay last month. I think it's lovely, im really loving mustard colours at the mo. The cardigan is from Dunnes Store which is like an Irish Primark. We happen to have one at the bottom of our road. So good!

Im actually cheating on this outfit post, big time. Im currently writing this on Thursday afternoon and this outfit wasn't what i wore today, but what i wore last night (Friday, Or tomorrow night from my point of view). Im up in Newcastle for Matts aunties engagement party and his mums just moved back up here, so we're seeing her new house which im so looking forward to because we've not seen her since August! I love her to bits and im really lucky to be close to her, i know it's sometimes really difficult to get on with your other half's parents... i've been there before.

You may have noticed, you may not have, but i now have my own domain! I really wanted .com but that was taken, so i jumped at the chance when i saw was still available. It was an absolute mission to set up, for some reason it just wasn't working for me so the very lovely Gem asked her also very lovely boyfriend to sort it all out for me and finally after tweets back and fourth everything now seems to be ok!

Im probably going to miss Xfactor tonight! But im sure i'll be kept up to date with all your tweets.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Im guessing a lot of you will be out for Halloween so i can't wait to see all your photos! Don't forget the clocks go back tonight. Extra hour in bed? YES PLEASE!


Thursday, 28 October 2010

I did my nails tonight, so i thought it'd be the perfect time to show you my favourite rings. I often wear them in outfit posts but for some reason never take photos, but finally i have one!
The red rose i bought from a little shop online last year, the owl is fromm Ebay and the other two are from Primark. If i remember correctly, they were only £1 each. You know i love my bargins!
I know the photo shows it, but i haven't left my thumbs out. I just have them a bit shorter as i find it near enough impossible to do anything and it drives me crazy!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I know these harem trousers won't be everyones cup of tea but i absolutely love them and they are just SO comfy! I got them in the Miss Selfridge sale a few months back for £5! I don't wear them out, i actually don't think i look that good in them (even more now i've dropped a size) but my day will consist of sitting around watching Friends and doing my sketchbook, so they'll be perfect. I've had a few people ask if i'll be posting any of my work and i will probably do a post sometime next week featuring some photos.

I recently joined up to the website Wahanda. For those who don't know it's place where you can book in to spas, salons and health centres for a discounted price providing a certain amount of people buy the deal.
One that popped up for me was either a restyle, T section highlights or full head semi permanent or full head permanent colour inc blowdry at a salon in Leeds, for £15, if 5 people bought it. Luckily i got an email later that night telling me i got the deal. Now i HATE getting my hair cut, im very protective and i always hate it. But it needs doing, and for such a cheap price i'd be stupid not to.

I had a really nice 'question' asked on my formspring the other night. By really nice i mean nasty and by question i mean opinion. It was totally out of the blue and made NO sense what-so-ever! I don't want to get rid of it because i do get asked genuine questions, but if you have a problem with me or think i've done something to upset you then i'd rather you email me instead of hiding behind the word 'anonymous'.

But anyway, on to some nice news..
I reached 500 followers on Sunday night, which was a totally amazing and a slightly overwhelming situation. So thank you all so much for being lovely, and for constantly supporting me and my posts. I will be doing a giveaway sometime in the next few weeks!

Don't forget you have just a few days left to claim your 15% discount at Crown & Glory . Just type in ‘vipxo’ at the checkout and it’s all yours! You can see the lovely hair clips i've got here!


Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Just a quick photo post today, i'll do a more detailed 'what im up to' and outfit post tomorrow. I wasn't going to put up any pictures from the other night, but as soon as saw this i wanted to share it with you guys! It's one of the photos taken before we went out on Thursday. It's my favourite pic because it was a total rush, self timer on the TV, run out the door kinda photo and i love it so much, deff one for a frame!


Monday, 25 October 2010


- Maddy

Is anyone else finding themselves being permanently cold at the moment? I cannot believe how much the temp as dropped in the past week. So whilst looking for this weeks look user i thought id try and find something bright and colourful to brighten and warm up my our days! I think i did pretty well finding Maddy! I couldn't decide which looks to use, i love them all so much but these ones just make me want to own her wardrobe, each one is so something i'd wear. I thought i'd go just for garments and accessories on this weeks post, and after some serious searching i think i've found the perfect way to capulet her style. I really like how both of her scarves mix the colours of the outfit and brings it all together, she does it so well and i'll deff be taking some tips from her.
I wasn't sure on fur snoods, on me personally. But i think i could be tempted now, i love the way she's worked it with the jacket and it looks like it's meant to be there, that is my favourite outfit for sure! Which one do you like most?

//Jumper- House Of Fraser £15
//Skirt- New Look £7.99
//Scarf- New Look £9.99
//Dress- H&M £14.99
//Cardigan- H&M £7.99
//Owl Necklace- ASOS £8
//Belt- H&M £14.99
//Black Trucker Jacket- Miss Selfrige £17
//Lurex Hareem Trousers- New Look £21.99
//Fur Snood – Tesco £7


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

This is my absolute bargin blazer. I got it in a charity shop earlier last month for £5! It's really structured at the shoulders and it's really good length for me. I love it! Those boots are my most recent buy from ASOS. I was umming about them for ages, but i'm so glad i got them! They're so lovely.

It's been an average Saturday, done the washing and a little food shop. Then went to pick Matts new glasses up. They actually look really nice on him. I think it took a while for him to get used to them but im sure he'll find it difficult taking them off!

If any of you follow me on Twitter you'll know i mentioned last week about Matts sleeping. He used to have a condition where he'd appear to be awake to you or i but actually still be asleep, so he would get up walk around, have conversations but wouldn't remember a thing for hours. Luckily, it's all sorted but he still sleep talks and last night was crazy!
'Vicki, just calm down. We'll get some more photos' 'I've got a headache, i just don't want to argue ok. Vicki, please. I DON'T WANT TO ARGUE' 'Theres no room, look, there's no room.' (at this point he was pushing me)
None of what he said made any sense at all, because each time i was actually asleep. He doesn't call me Vicki that much anymore, so that was strange too!
So, at 5am i'd had enough and went to sleep in my room.
He comes bouncing in this morning, happy as anything totally unaware of ANYTHING that he said/shouted. It was hilarious talking about it. Im sure they was so much more, but that's just what i would remember in my sleepy state.

Uni work has been a fail today, i ended up falling asleep. Tomorrow will be better!
Can't do any tonight, it's xfactor day!

Im 13 away from 500! Which means giveaway time!


Friday, 22 October 2010

So this is the cake i made from this post. Im actually quite pleased with it, and Lauren absolutely loved it, which is that all that matters.
Had brilliant day yesterday! We went for lunch, walked around the shops for a bit (didn't buy a thing) and had some drinks in town and before we knew it, it was evening and time to start getting ready. Had a bit of Drama with Laurens dress, it had marks all over it which weren't anything to do with her. Not on really considering it was from ASOS and cost £38, so she ended up borrowing a playsuit of mine and she looked so good! Had a good giggle and a dance and at around 1am i was ready to leave. I love my best friends for understanding that this just isn't my thing anymore and so they were totally fine about me leaving early. They got back around half 3 and soon passed out. I hated saying goodbye to them today, we probably won't all be together now till January and Rachels 21st.

Ohh i wore the dress in my post, and it was really comfy and actually kept slipping a bit, but because of my annoyingly big boobs, the boning on the top of it was digging in on my chest and i actually have a bruise! It's so painful!

Im going to now munch on cake, and put all the weight i lost back on. (I hope not really)


Wednesday, 20 October 2010

It looks like what tan i did have over the summer has well and truly gone and im now back to my pale self. Oh well, it was fun whilst it lasted!

This is one of my favourite outfit photos i've taken, for the simple reason that i fit perfectly in to that dress! I bought it on Ebay last year (from ASOS), and it was tight at the time. Then it just never went near me, so it's always been 'when i drop a size it'll fit' dress, and now it finally does and im so happy! I actually started dancing around the apartment with pure joy! It also means i have an outfit sorted for tomorrow night and i can save my pennies. Result!

I totally slacked on uni today, i feel so guilty. I fell asleep after my alarm and therefore totally missed morning session. I then was in such a bad mood i didn't bother going in this afternoon, i think my tutor tried to ring me too which i feel awful about. But, im going to make up for being a poor student and crack on with uni work once i've cleaned the whole apartment ready for tomorrows festivities. Im not sure why im bothering actually as it'll end up looking like a bombs hit it soon enough.

In by morning sleepy haze i ended up texting my landlords land line. So they'll get a lovely automated message that makes no sense. Has anyone ever done that? So embarrassing.

Ohhh gosh how cold is it now?! Im actually sitting here shaking. But i refuse to put the heating on until it starts snowing. Gotta keep these bills down!

For those who have asked, i've finished Laurens cake, if you have me on twitter you'll of seen the pic, but i'll post it on here tomorrow or something. If i've not died of food poisoning.


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Im not the biggest Topshop fan, i think it's really over rated and the quality isn't that great. I always find that everything just look so basic and so cliquey and everyone of that style ends up looking the same. But, as soon as saw these beauties i instantly fell in love and it contradicted all my feelings about the place. I've seen a fair few lovely bloggers with these dresses and each one looks amazing, and im finding myself very jealous! For someone like myself who wears a lot of block colours these dresses are just perfect for me, and could so perfect for winter.
At £28, it's a bit to pricey for me, but i really could be tempted.
I really like the orange/rust ones the most, such autummy colours.
What do you think of these dresses? Do you own one?


Monday, 18 October 2010

Todays a bit of a boring post, and the lookbook of the week post is absent too! I've been so busy with uni work, im such a procrastinator and always leave things until the last minute and as it's my final year i wanted to change a habit of a life time. My motivation for doing work could go at any minute so i should make the most of it whilst it's here! I also just haven't had the time to search all the high street shops online. I promise you next week i'll be back to normal and bringing you my favourites!

But todays picture is all the goodies i've bought to make Lauren her 22nd birthday cake! I love baking and it's been such a long time so im really looking forward to creating a masterpiece, maybe. I hope it turns out ok, i'll deff be taking some pictures.
I couldn't remember if she liked jam so i ended up texting our friends, Mum and Boyfriend just to find out. Good news, she does! So hello Victoria Sandwich!

To the latest ladies who bought a bracelet, it's on its way as we speak! I really hope the rings get here soon. It's been over two weeks! I'll chase it up if they don't get here by the weekend.

Thank you all for your nice comments on my last post, you're all very lovely! It's been going a bit crazy on chictopia too! No idea why but it's putting a smile on my face!


Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia

I can't decide if i like this outfit or not, i don't wear this skirt much because i think it makes me look bigger than i am.. i actually have a really small waist just big hips. But i really love the print on it!
I also find it really difficult to wear high waisted things, i have quite big boobs and i always think i look really strange. But hey, it's alright for a lazy day indoors.

Thanks for all your comments on my last post, i've used some of your suggestions so you've really helped and i really appreciate it.
All i've done today is watch back to back Friends episodes and work through my sketchbook. Im currently looking for shape silhouette in magazines and it's actually taking forever so i've left it at that for today.

Im looking forward to a night eating lovely food and watching xfactor.
I swear im so old before my time. I have my best friends coming up on Thursday to celebrate a birthday, im SO excited to see them! But im also not in to the whole 'clubbing' thing anymore, i've been doing it since i was 15 and it's just so boring now. But one night won't hurt me, i hope! I know i'll be laughing a lot so i can't complain.

I found this cover last night and i can't stop listening to it, it really is beautiful.

I will be posting the next batch of bracelets on Monday. Yay!

Enjoy your weekend girlies! <3


Friday, 15 October 2010

Sorry for the rubbish pic, i really don't have the patience to try to work out the right settings, i might have another go later.

The first of my projects i mentioned just over a month ago. It's about escaping, and where my escape destination would be. I have to design two complementary outfits which express this. After some serious mind mapping, i decided to go for dreams. When im ill, upset or angry i tend to sleep, for me it's an escape. So i thought that would be the perfect idea.
Im looking in to current designers and previous designers such as Viktor & Rolf A/W 2005/6 Isn't it AMAZING? Im hoping to get some rough ideas done this weekend so i can draw some illustrations at uni next week.
It's a competition and the winner gets £2000 and a work placement! Oh one can dream!
(see what i did there?)

The next project is my final major project which is to design AND make 6 complementary outfits. Which is double to what i did last year This brief is totally my own, and you can pretty much do it on whatever you like. My tutor suggested i carry on with the dream theme as it was really original and could really 'go to town' on it! Im so excited, my favourite part of projects is the whole research, inspiration and mood board part so as im doing it for two projects i'll be able to use loads of stuff! The trend predictions im looking in to right now are pretty much made for my project so im well stoked about it. Im thinking nightwear as outer wear?

Then finally my 6000 word dissertation, as soon as i got my brief i knew exactly what i wanted to do it on.. the size 0 debate. I was outraged that being a size 10 was considered plus size. Im so looking forward to getting in to it all. Im starting to look at news articles, and luckily because of the recent fashion weeks there is a fair bit around at the mo.

If anyone has any quotes/lyrics/sayings about dreams or any know of any collections that have a specific dream theme then please let me know (i already have about 10) Also if anyone has any information about the size 0 debate or weight related issues in the industry i'd really appreciate your help.

Right, better get cracking!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lookbook / Chictopia
(top was my mums in the 80s)
I've wanted to have a go at doing victory rolls for ages now, but i always thought they would be quite complicated to do. But after watching a youtube video, it showed it was actually quite easy and so i had a go! I really like it, what do you think?

Had a really productive week at uni, i'm absolutely knacked now but totally worth it in the long run. My new printer arrived today so so that means i can actually get cracking with my sketchbooks. Im really buzzing about my projects, and i feel that my final year will be a good one. Don't hold me to that though! I'll be crying with stress in a few months! I'll do a post this week about what im up to.

My first look magazine subscription arrived today, i had a yearly one last year but i wasn't going to renew it. Until i saw it was offering free Barry M goodies! How could i say no? I got an email saying that it would arrive in a few weeks. I can't wait! I love getting stuff in the post, in my opinion, people don't send enough post nowadays!

Im currently watching the Chili miners being rescued on the BBC news! It's so incredible. Can't even begin to imagine how awful being trapped would of been.
It doesn't happen often, but it's always so good hearing some good news going on in the world.

I was very glad to hear Rachel, Jenny, Ayden, Michelle, Lucy & Zoe received their bracelets yesterday!
You should all go and visit them, they're all very lovely!

Im going to be making some more shortly, so if you're interested just drop me an email!


Sunday, 10 October 2010

I know i'm a bit late with posting this, as this collection was actually shown last week. Im sure these photos are nothing new to you as well, as i've seen a few bloggers doing a post about Paris fashion week. But i really wanted to do a post about the amazing works of Sarah Burton for the Alexander McQueen label. As part of my course, i have to watch what's going on in the big fashion houses, as we have to do all our research from right at the top, and filter it down, because what we will be wearing next spring/summer would of started right here.

I was a bit apprehensive about Sarah Burton being able to pull of a whole collection in aprox 4 months, i wasn't sure if she would be able to make a collection look like he had designed it himself. But being his right hand girl, i guess she was the obvious choice to carry it on. Im glad she did, because she made it look simply amazing. It started off a bit slow, and i thought she was playing it safe but then outcome these beautiful over the top dresses. It makes me sad to think he'd never see this work, but you know there's a lot of Mqueen in there too. With a hint of the new designer, and i think that's what makes it work. It's different, without being dramatic.

Im simply in love with them all and cannot wait to see what she does next.


Saturday, 9 October 2010


- Claire M

Bit of a delay on todays post, i've been doing uni work all afternoon. Well, looking at S/S collections.
But anyway, here's my lookbook of the week. I wear a lot of black, white and grey so i wanted to find someone who wore the same but in a really stylish way. I adore the first outfit, it's just so classic. What i found was a dress from topshop and then teamed it with a skirt from there too. I think it actually works really well and gives you two outfits in one. What more could you ask for!
Loving the harem trousers too, i love mine. They're so comfy. Add some heels to them and it totally gives the outfit a new life, you can't go wrong with some white lace and alexa style bag.
Knits are masisve during the winter time and im seeing posts daily about the latest highstreet buys. I myself have 4 of them! Loving the polka dot tights with it. It's comfy yet so right on trend.

// Knitted Dress- Dorothy Perkins £35
// Strap Satchel- New Look £9.99
//Ruffle Fluff Skirt- Topshop £35
//Split Back Dress- Topshop £57
//Dotty Mesh Tights- New Look £3.99
// Skinny Belt- £6.99
// Long over lace tunic blouse – £21
// Lurex Hareem Trousers – New Look £21.99
// Boots- H&M £34.99


Lookbook / Chictopia

This is an outfit i actually wore the other day, but thought i'd save it for todays post. The cream lace dress has got to be one of my all time favourite buys. I got it from New Look back in March and i love it, i think it's actually quite flattering and it's got such beautiful detail on it. I don't wear it that often, but when i do i feel really comfortable.

I'm now feeling a lot better. I felt a lot worse on Tuesday and ended up loosing my voice, so i didn't go in to uni on Wednesday. I made up for it by going in yesterday and doing 3 hours of research for this project. Im so excited about it, it's all about dreams! Will do a post about it soon.

Matt and his friends went to the cinema last night, it was a special showing of 11 short films between 11pm and 1.30am. They all went for drinks before so i joined them with another friend. It was really nice to get out and have a couple of drinks. Whilst they went to the cinema, i went back to a friends house and didn't get in until 2.30am! Latest i've stayed out since my 21st (also wearing the same dress) but it was really fun, even if i did loose my voice AGAIN in the middle of a conversation.

Today im going to try and fix my printer, it has got in to a habit of ripping my paper, which is really not good! I spent £42 on ink the other day, I have SO much work to be getting on with. We also need to get some food in, my ASDA order got cancelled. My banks fault, so they'll be getting a phone call later.

A big thank you goes out to the lovely ladies who were interested in buying my bracelets. I posted them all yesterday so expect them soon. I can't wait till the rings get here now! Thank you all for your lovely comments too!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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