Monday, 25 October 2010


- Maddy

Is anyone else finding themselves being permanently cold at the moment? I cannot believe how much the temp as dropped in the past week. So whilst looking for this weeks look user i thought id try and find something bright and colourful to brighten and warm up my our days! I think i did pretty well finding Maddy! I couldn't decide which looks to use, i love them all so much but these ones just make me want to own her wardrobe, each one is so something i'd wear. I thought i'd go just for garments and accessories on this weeks post, and after some serious searching i think i've found the perfect way to capulet her style. I really like how both of her scarves mix the colours of the outfit and brings it all together, she does it so well and i'll deff be taking some tips from her.
I wasn't sure on fur snoods, on me personally. But i think i could be tempted now, i love the way she's worked it with the jacket and it looks like it's meant to be there, that is my favourite outfit for sure! Which one do you like most?

//Jumper- House Of Fraser £15
//Skirt- New Look £7.99
//Scarf- New Look £9.99
//Dress- H&M £14.99
//Cardigan- H&M £7.99
//Owl Necklace- ASOS £8
//Belt- H&M £14.99
//Black Trucker Jacket- Miss Selfrige £17
//Lurex Hareem Trousers- New Look £21.99
//Fur Snood – Tesco £7



  1. Good choice! She looks lovely! I think I like the first look the best, mainly cause I could never pull off those colours myself!
    Congrats on the 500 follows- you dserve it!
    Love Morven xx

  2. i love the second look of hers! x
    great recreation of them too!, xx

  3. I love everything. You're right it does look like that snood is supposed to be there. Great pic Vic. I'm loving that mustard colour, I hope it's mustard, my moms graphics are shot on this comp xxx

  4. I like her third outfit best - mainly cos of the gorgeous shoes!

    I walked past some girls at the weekend who were dressed in similar style and although it looks wonderful, I wonder how warm it actually is? Shoving a big scarf on never makes up for having cold legs!

  5. Gosh she has nice style. Wish I could pull it off, I can't. Lucky theres some people that can, so the street wont be so boring! :) x

  6. Love all her outfits!!She really has a great style!

  7. Ahh she has amazing style! xo

  8. the second look is very vintage and clean.
    thanks for sharing the inspirations. i love the layering styles.

    have a great day!

  9. Wow her outfits are great. I love faux fur snoods, so snuggly!

  10. Oh I loveee these! Think I like the middle one best but it's a really tough choice. Totally agree about the fur snood... want one now!

  11. i scrolled down your blog and i must say it was lovely! all of your outfits are so inspiring! thanks for posting!!!

  12. I literally haven't warmed up for 3 days!
    I do tend to layer on the black though, great inspiration for a bit of colour!

  13. I'm cold aaaaaaalll the time! Thanks for posting this, I ended up wearin a ski jacket to work this morning - being Monday and all that. Need to invest in some serious knits this wkend! xxx

  14. Oh, how lovely! I think I like the middle look the most, but the one on the right does look SUPER cosy. Its been bloody horrible this week dude :( coming out the shower in the morning I literally get ready as quick as I can, and I dont mind the train being mobbed because were actually all like little penguins keeping each other warm! :( haha, winter ahoy xx

  15. Cute outfits, love how you have recreated them! I am a complete spazz and forgot to put a link to my jewels so if you want to check them out head here:

    R x

  16. yes! i'm permanently cold at the moment too, its really not much fun :( i love the looks you've chosen, maddy uses great colours & scarves in her outfits! i'm a big fan of scarves & snoods but like you have been sceptical about faux fur ones, but i'm slowly coming round to the idea!

    thanks so much for visiting my blog, i'm now following yours, your layout is amazing! :)

  17. All completely stunning but my favourite has to be the outfit on the right! Every single item is gorgeous, I love the colours and i imagine it would be fantastic in this horribly cold weather :)

  18. I'd have to say the second is my favorite! She is so stylish!

    KF x

  19. I love all those outfits! too cute. I'm obsessed with pencil skirts lol
    follow me and I'll follow you!!!

  20. Great pics! I really like the red mini =)

  21. I need fur collar, love the photos, she has amazing style!

  22. your blog is really cute!!! following :)

  23. Lately I was looking through my wardrobe and it struck me that there almost no colours: white, black, grey, white, black, grey. I'm not trying to introduce some colourful pieces into my closet ;) I love your choices, and Maddy is amazing!

  24. Oh I love her use of colour, adorable! Like you, I wasn't convinced by fur snoods but that last picture has convinced me to give them a try.

    Sally x
    Louder Than Silence

  25. i love all of these colours!
    i am really into camel and burnt orange at the moment, isn't this season just amazing!
    impeccable style as ever xx

  26. LOVE the second one. All such nice colours :) xx

  27. Lovely looks! <3
    Love the dress of the H&M!

  28. yes, im permanently cold also! Love the photos, and all those clothes colours are beautiful!
    great blog!
    courtney xx

  29. I love mustard yellow and red together!

  30. i love that yellow/orange outfit!

  31. I love what you did here! Sometime on blogs I've found that people just post up photos of styles they like but never go to the bother of showing you how you can recreate them. Excellent idea :) As someone who's literally just started a blog I reckon this is something I may have to take inspiration from!

    Ps. Loving the middle style... i WANT those boots



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