Tuesday, 10 October 2017


“So, what is your dream job?” We are often asked this question, but we do not necessarily know exactly how to respond. While many wish they automatically had the answer to this question that is just not always the case. But that’s okay! Take this time to figure out what you really love.

As you let your imagination wander, here are some ways to help determine what your dream job really is.

Reflect on every experience you have. It can be a volunteer experience, interview (even if it did not work out), conversation or podcast that could help you figure out what you like, and what you maybe do not like so much. In addition, it is vital to reflect on your values and really solidify them. After all, you want to be happy and true to yourself, while also lining up your experience to reflect what you want in a dream job.

While it is easier said than done, it is important to focus on what you love and where you want to put that energy. A broad love for something, such as business, can provide you with a multitude of opportunities. But being keen on a certain aspect of business, social media marketing, for example, for a specific industry can help you hone in on a specific role.

Build confidence 
Gaining credentials and experience will do wonders for you in a job search, but in order to find your dream job, your confidence and believing in yourself will get you that much further. Your dream job could be a reach job, one that you need to work really hard to get to and put yourself out there in ways that having confidence will make all the difference for.

Gain experience
Once you have an idea of what industry or field your dream job most likely is in, do your best to gain experience in it. Read current job offers carefully and apply to those you believe would be the best fit for you. This way, you will gain exposure to the environment and start making connections. The more that you are surrounded by the environment you love, the more you will be exposed to positions that could just be your dream job. Any position you take could just be the one that leads you to more job opportunities.

Determine your ideal work environment 
Imagine your ideal workday. Ask yourself a few questions: Where are you? Who are surrounded by? Are you under a lot of pressure? Are you in a competitive environment? Your workday and your environment may have a huge impact on what your dream job truly is.  

Do your background research
It is one thing to love a company or love an open position, but it is important to do your background research. Every company will certainly do their background research on candidates for a position, so it is best to do the same. See how you can make a difference for the company and how you can offer a solution to a problem they have. Figuring out what your dream job is may take some time, as well as some trial and error, but enjoy the process! There is so much opportunity out there; it is all about finding the right fit for you.

 In collaboration with Mary Davis.

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