Monday, 6 March 2017


After being away last weekend, I was unable to weigh in so I've put week 5 & 6 together. I was a little nervous to get weighed on Saturday morning to be honest, although I've been pretty good with staying on plan I've had a couple of off plan meals oout and a few drinks with friends. So for week 5 & 6 I wasn't surprised to see a 0.5lbs gain. taking my total loss to 10.5lbs in 6 weeks. 

Like I mentioned previously I've had a couple of meals out. I was down in London with my mum last Friday, a weekend with my bestie which included a birthday party, lunch with James on our day off on Monday and then lunch with my work colleagues on Thursday for my last day, so really it's miracle I've managed to lose anything! But to make up for it I have been pushing myself more at the gym. Despite eating out, during these two weeks I've of course had some great Slimming World meals and I've tired a couple of SP days (basically no pasta, rice or potato) and they've been pretty easy to do. I've made aubergine lasagna, creamy chicken with vege and prawn courgetti to name a few.

I'm really enjoying being back at the gym and I'm managing to do 4 days which I'm really pleased with. I had two days off last week too which meant I could do an hour in the morning and it freed up my evenings which made a nice change.  I'm starting my new today which might mean I'm out of my routine but I'm going to try and go to as many classes as I can and stick with it now I'm getting somewhere again.

I buy all of my meat from Muscle Food, you can use my code VP252035 at the checkout to receive 4 free chicken breasts. Alternatively check out their bargain bundles, my personal favourite is the 65 Piece Best Of British. Their stuff is amazing quality, you won't be disappointed!

Favourite meal last week? I really enjoyed chicken supreme so I'll be making that again 
Learnt anything new? SP meals are pretty good, you don't need carbs in every meal for it to be enjoyable. 
Complete last weeks aims? 50/50, I could have been worse but I could have been better
Aims for this week? To stay on plan 100%
Any new dishes to try? I haven't got anything down new this week. 
Wanting to lose? Anything that gets me closer to my 1st stone award.

Week One -6lbs
Week Two -3.5lbs
Week Three -0.5lbs
Week Four -lbs
Week Five & Six +0.5lbs

Total loss: - 10.5lbs

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  1. I think it's so great that you've been diligently going at this. Keep it up!

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