Tuesday, 16 June 2015


This time in two weeks i'll be on a plane on my way to Santorini, Greece. It's a place I've always wanted to visit, but never thought i would anytime soon so i can't tell you how excited i am! It's also my first holiday away with my boyfriend too! We're staying on the eat side of the island and our hotel is a short walk to Perissa beach. I like to plan my trips and make sure i'm making the most of being somewhere different so this is where you guys come in.

If you've visited Santorini before i'd love to hear about it, so if you've written a blog post please send me the link. Are there any restaurants you'd recommend, day trips, things to do etc. Did you have any problems with transport? Prices? Any help would be much appreciated. One thing i would love to do is go to Oia for the day/evening and experience the sunset with dinner. But apart from that, my week is unplanned so go go go! 



  1. This place looks stunning, hope you have an amazing time!

    Eve xo

  2. I went to Santorini a few years ago. It was all very new back then so I wouldn't be able to recommend much. however, there is a wind called the meltemy, which blows in from Africa. it isn't cold or anything, but worth knowing for the beach and on a night when the sand whips up at your legs :)
    Definitely one of the most beautiful Greek Islands I have visited :)

  3. ahh Santorini is also on my travel bucket list, so jealous Victoria..anyway hope you have a fab time there :) <3


  4. Hi hun, I have stayed in Perissa. Great restaurants are Tranquillo (Hippy vibe) and Noma. Defintely go vist Fira and Oia - for the white houses and picture postcards. Have great time xx

  5. I haven't visited, but I hope you have a lovely time! Can't wait to see your blog post about it!


  6. I've been to the Greek Islands at least 10 times in my lifetime, I'm actually going to Skiathos on Sunday! I haven't actually been to Santorini but I do know that Greek food is the BEST! You must try Moussakka, Stifado, Kleftiko, Tzatziki, fresh calamari! x


  7. Wow, looks like such a beautiful place! I know a blogger who recently visited there and did a whole series of blogposts on it, her blog is www.emtalks.co.uk - have fun! x

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

  8. I'm so jealous! It looks incredible - enjoy!

    Lorna | www.studsanddreams.com xx

  9. Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous! Have an amazing time. I've been to Greece before & absolutely loved it :) x


  10. Hi I went to Perissa 8 years ago as a good friend was getting married at a vineyard in the capital Thira, which is another lovely place to watch the sunset. I never had a bad meal while I was there. Kamari the resort next to Perissa had more bars than Perissa and bit more swanky too. The place is gorgeous. I went to beach twice but as its volcanic island the "sand" is like ash so I stuck to the pool. It's a stunning island though. I love Greece! X

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