Thursday, 31 January 2013


I'm in a really homey type of mood this week and it's coming through on my blog as this is my third home related post this week. Maybe it's the thought of  tomorrow being the 1st February and therefore one step closer to spring which is getting me in the spring clean/de clutter/ re vamp kinda mood. 

So these are my favourite items I've come across on eBay recently, a right miss match which describes my style perfectly at the moment. Big Bang Theory is one of my all time favourite shows and anyone who watches it will understand the mug completely and i'm sure you'll love it as much as me! The vintahe signs i featured on Saturdays post are still really playing on my mind and i need to get one, the problem is i can't decide on the one i want so it thought i'd include another one on here in case it makes my mind up for me. Finally, my favourite item from the set is the photo tree from ACHICA homeware i think it's such a beautiful idea and I've never seen anything like it before, really really love it a lot!

Are you finding yourself in a homey mood too? 

Are you planning on making changes to your home this year?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013



I've had the basket for years and have no idea where it's from, but you can find similar here

Ok, so due to an annoying bedroom layout and my side of the bed being next to the wall i don't actually have a bedside table, which drives both me and my boyfriend mad when glasses and books need to be put down on the floor, phones need to be put on charge and alarms need switching off. But, i do have a shelf which i guess is the next best thing. 

It's only recently I've started taking care of myself when it comes to going to sleep, i didn't realise the importance of getting your skin suited and booted for a night of relax and repair. I like to have a selection of skin products because you just never know what mood you're going to be in, so i have a variety of scents and consistency, in case i want a deep moisture throughout the night or a light cover. At the moment my bedroom gets really cold (well, the whole flat is) due to poorly located radiators and no double glazing so i know that my skin really can do with the help at the moment which is why i sometimes double up with products and put more on than i usually would.

I always try to smoother my lips with Vaseline too to make sure i wake up with healthy and hydrated lips, I'm sure we can all agree that during the winter months there's nothing worse than dry and chapped lips first thing in the morning.  

As you can see i also have other bits one might need such as hair bobbles to keep together fly away hair and a nail file in case you're reading and notice a dodgy line the needs taking care of (yes it happens a lot and no i can't leave it) and a little mirror to check out my fine lines and wrinkles.

So that's my bedroom beauty box, it's pretty basic but it does the job. 
What are your staple bedtime products you can't live without?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Wayyyyy back in November i popped down to London for a couple of press days and River Island was one of them. I'm really 50/50 about River Island, sometimes i'll love every single thing in store and other times i won't find a single thing i like but i was very happy to walk in to the press room and breathe in all the trends showcasing and fell in love with almost everything. Every year i find one high street store will get the trends so spot on compared to everyone else, last season it was New Look and this season i'm pretty confident it's River Island and i'm pretty sure you'll agree. Some of these items are already available in store and online but the majority will start trickling through the closer to S/S we get.

Here are the trends...

Road Trip
Road Trip embraces the Wild West with a fusion of buttery soft leathers, suedes and fringing. Heavy layering is essential to this trend, devore fringed kimonos are worn over sheer maxi dresses and topped off with embroidered grunge scarves. A neutral palette of creams, blacks and tans make up the collection whilst flashes of red and ochre offer pops of colour. Wood block prints, embellishment and cut work give a Western feel to the collection. Accessories come in the form of black fringed boots, heavily beaded bags and lashings of jewellery.

Denim Couture
Denim Couture presents a fusion of textures and fabrics in a cool colour palette of blue and white to give an ultra modern feel. Simple jersey and denim are combined, classic denim skirts are reworked and jeans become decorative and distressed to offer unique pieces for Spring Summer. River Island core denim styles are mixed with intricately embellished  tops whilst heavily beaded skirts and jumpsuits complete the collection.

Army Lux
This trend encompasses the great outdoors with a modern lux approach. Classic jumpsuits in urban oriental patterns present a relaxed look, whilst khaki satin shorts and  metallics  combine for a modern twist on military dressing. Subtle trimmings, snakeskin and embellishment add glamour for a chic evening look.

Inspired by the 50s and 60s Retro is quintessentially ladylike. A mirage of soft pastels  in violet, fondant pink and powder blue offer a modern feel to retro inspired stripes and vintage polka dots whilst mixing 50s style skirts with leather jackets create a futuristic vintage vibe. Contrasting fabrics come in the form of jacquard duster coats worn with  embellished dresses. Adorned clutches, decorative hats and block heels bring the whole look together.

Space Mono
Space Mono is slick sportswear mixed with sharp tailoring. Its minimalist approach becomes controlled yet feminine with a medley of featherweight fabrics and leather. Black and white dominates the collection with hints of neon and bursts of pattern ensuring a laid back 90s street vibe. Organza hemmed jersey skirts, sporty cropped tops and sheer chiffon blouses combine for a sexy boyish look whilst digital prints and futuristic florals give the collection a fresh fashion outlook. Accessories are key with trainers, baseball caps and oversized bags.

What do you think of the collection? Is it hit or miss for you?


Monday, 28 January 2013



Dress: Missguided* | Sunglasses: Zerouv| Boots: eBay | Necklace: VIPXO Shop

Ok so i know this outfit is slightly over the top for everyday wear, i did put this on for the sole reason of snapping some pictures and even that was stepping out of my comfort zone. I'm currently on my way to a big goal of mine and so these pictures are a nice reminder of what I've left behind, what I've achieved already and where i need to go and so for that reason i really like them.

I'm really loving this years Spring/Summer trends, part of my job is to research what the high street will be bringing out so I've had a good idea about trends for a while now so it's nice to know i'm on the right track with this dress from Missguided. It features monochrome and 60s style which i'm a big fan of! If anyone is interested in me doing a maybe high street edit of the trends this year then let me know, i think it would be a really fun post to do so hopefully you all say yes!

I've got a really nice week this week which i'm looking forward too, last week wasn't so great but onward and upwards i say. Friday i'll be spending the day with one of my favourite brands and i couldn't be more excited about it! But i'll tell you more about that when i can. Hope you all have a nice week whatever you're up to, is anyone else really happy about the snowing finally disappearing or is that just me?
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Sunday, 27 January 2013



Gold version of the necklace here.
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Saturday, 26 January 2013


£5.49 each from here

I'm spending the day doing all things blog related so whilst working on another post i came across these incredible vintage inspired signs to hang in your home and i knew i had to do a post straight away, the seller has so much more to choose from but i had to limit myself to a good selection. I love them all so much and i wish i could have them all hanging in my kitchen!

Do you like these signs? Which one is your favourite?

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Friday, 25 January 2013


Designer replica tees, mini Yankee candles, outfit post, Lush vanilla dee lite, loving One Direction, new Vivienne Westwood shoes, polaroid, dinner, outfit, blog birthday, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, new hot water bottle, brinner, outfit post, Mac eyeshadows haul, Lush bath, bracelet collection, me aged 6, that days face, cable knit and tartan, Nandos, my~ seat, outfit post, need to find this mug, trying The Body Shop shampoo & conditioner, his and hers hot chocolate, snow, lush haul, deskfast and favourite blush palette.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013



As i get asked about these tops pretty much daily i thought it would be a good idea to do a whole post about them so it's easy to see in person. I'm a sucker for my own eBay posts and i do actually purchase quite a lot of the items i feature (honestly, i think it's an addiction) but now my most recent ones are here it's nice to see them all together. I know some people dislike fake designer stuff and to some extent i do understand but personally i'm not bothered. I love these tops and i'm glad I've got them hanging in my wardrobe!

Which one is your favourite?
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