Thursday, 29 April 2010

I actually cried at uni, i can't handle the stress anymore, i swear it's turning me in to one massive wreck.

Monday, 26 April 2010



So trekking in to town to buy some uni supplies turned out to be a lot more fun!
I brought a sequin face top in Primark, it's really long at the back so im going to get my sewing machine out and bring it up. I also got two plain vest tops, along with a pair of harems in a khaki colour, three pairs of underwear at £1 each and then the accessoeis for £3!
The thing i didn't get were some black flats, i don't like spending a lot cos they get propa battered but the ones in Primark were £11! I remember when the same ones were £4. Crazy!
Amazing sale in Miss Selfrige. Brought two pairs of silk harem pants at £5 each. SO GOOD!
SO all in all, a really enjoyable day.
Now on to the massive work load that is sitting next to me!

So myself and Rosina said that if we managed to make a good start on our crappy essay we'd go out for cocktails tonight, So that we did! It was so nice getting out and doing something other than uni work, i had such a good time!
Dreading this week, i have 3 more garments to make. Aghhhh.
I really should go to bed..

Friday, 23 April 2010

Today would of been a perfect day at uni, if i hadn't of forgotten my glasses. I tried to finish my crop top but i stitched something the wrong way TWICE, i just gave up in the end. Today is date night, so im planning on sitting in bed and sewing the gems on whilst watching a film with matty. Hopefully, the top will be complete by the end of the weekend.
I also have a sketchbook and a 2500 essay to write, but im feeling positive.
Im in a major rush at the mo, i want a shower and a cuppa and im leaving to walk up to his in half an hour! aghh!

Not posting pics of garments until they're finished :)

Have a good friday night, i would kill for a few cocktails right now!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

If you could look like anybody, who would it be?

I don't think I’d want to look like someone else, that would be boring. But i can appreciate the fact that Linday Lohan has a gorgeous hair colour, Kelly Brook has an amazing figure, and Lily Cole has pretty features.
I think it’s important to be at least a bit happy with what you’ve got :)

Ask me anything!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

This is my perfect outfit!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ahhhhh so exciting!

There is a picture of my cake, on her desk as we speak. AMAZING!
I said to Matts mum if she gets in touch to say I'm a fashion design student and would love some work experience! ;)
Could you imagine!

Well and truly made my day!

I also managed to make my harem pants today, took me about 6 hours but i did it! Only 2 tops, a maxi dress and a skirt to go.

Monday, 19 April 2010

So i went into uni today, well dragged myself really. Im finding it impossible to sleep at the moment which sucks.
I forgot my threads, so it was a bit of a wasted journey. Good news, my tutor said she didn't need to speak to me and to just carry on as i am, so that's a good sign.
The college got dilivered around 60/70 bin bags full of fabric, a lady had recently died and had left it all to the college. What a star!
So we pretty much had our pick, it wasn't the kind of stuff we could do our collections with but great for samples etc.
So heres what i took:

i am soooo excited for this month to be over so i can start making my cushions and summer dresses! i've also got some harem pants to make too!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Firsty, this is my birthday cake from Matts mum.
She made it, she's amazing. I love her! Im going to cry when i have to cut into it.

Secondly, i've just brought a VW dress from ebay. Impluse buy at it's finest. I hope to God it's alright.
I never spend money, it makes me feel sick. And then i do something like this!
Gotta laugh.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Monday, 12 April 2010

Words can't even explain how amazing the people in my life are.
I had the most amazing birthday ever, thanks to my best friends.

I spent the morning with Mum and Dad, they gave me a beautiful engraved charm bracelet, a Vivienne Westwood purse, a Vivienne Westwood charm necklace and charm, a 21st butterfly key, and this lovely lamp which burns and gives off scents. But im not going to use that until i move into my new place. Plus other little bits.

I got the train with Laurens boyfriend in the afternoon and met up with her and Rachel and went for some lunch, they sang happy birthday to me, in front of everyone on the train. They gave me a helium balloon and a birthday sash, highly embarrassing, but typically them. They gave me a lovely locket, which im going to stick little pics of them in it. Also a card full of photos of us all.

People started arriving in the late afternoon, and the drinks were flowing, thanks to the lush weather that day we all stood outside the back of the house all evening.
Chris and Martin gave me a massive birthday cake, 3 Twlight posters and a lush 21st photo frame!

In the end i think i had about 25 people in my house, not everyone came out though. Went to Halo around 11pm. I had VIP passes and had my own table, but we didn't really sit down and just spent the whole night dancing.
I felt it yesterday, dear me. Everyone has said to me ''I've never seen you that drunk before'' and yep, i probably haven't. Because i never let myself get like that, but once in a while is ok!
I had the best night, with the best people and im so pleased to say i know exactly who my friends are!

Everyone went home yesterday and i spent the whole day passed out.
Today i've put everything away and had a good sort out.

Im on a major downer though, i miss everyone already and it sucks!
I only took pics before we left, Lauren has pics from the night out so really looking forward to seeing them!

Hopefully going to stay with Matts mum this week, i know i shouldn't because of the work load but i need to do something!

I swear i've missed loads out but so much happened it's not easy to remember!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Off to Nottingham with mum tomorrow, i need to buy some new shoes for my birthday dress and a new mascara. Can you help?

Im also undecided about my hair, i have a perfect look for Saturday night but im thinking it's going to be hard to achieve.
So do i wash it tonight, and just keep it tied in a bun so it's all lovely and wavy for the next few days, wash it tomorrow morning and have it damp and tied up or wait until tomorrow night and go to bed with it tied up. Be so much easier if i had my GHDS with me! I don't think i'll have time on Saturday to do it propa.
So annoying!

My friend Mark from London has confirmed he's deff coming up, which will be ace! It's looking like a good number will be there. Not so happy about the ''friends'' who are being ignorant and ignoring me, that i find so rude. A simple ''No, i won't be attending'' will be fine.

Todays been kinda boring, my friend Dan came over today, which was lovely cos i've not seen him in over year, however because of the massive work load, i didn't get to see him long! :( so after he went i was back to being bored.

Im going to have a bath soon and read my book.

Im excited to get my Vogue and Look magazines which have been delivered to my house in Leeds.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ok, again it's been another delayed post. Matt ended up staying a couple more days so i've not had chance until now.
The rents, Myself and Matt all headed down to London on Saturday afternoon, we went in Mums new car so it was sooo comfy! Me and Matt stayed at my auntys that night, knowing that the next night we'd be in a hotel, but that's all i knew! Had a lovely chilled out evening drinking and playing the Wii.
Next day the rents picked us up and took us to the hotel, which had been decorated with 21st banners, balloons and confetti!
We had to be ready for half 7 and a taxi would be picking us up.
So i did my face, but on my new ASOS dress that i got for a right bargin on Ebay and i was ready to go!

We ended up at this Greek resturant, which was really exciting as i'd never had Greek food before! I walked to the back of the room and there was this massive table, full of people! My aunty and uncle, my grandad, parents and then to my massssive suprise my God Parents, aka, my parents best friends from when they were
younger! It was amazing, it was so lovely seeing them again. I've not seen Trisha and her husband since i was 7, and then John not for a good few years, and he's an amazing character so being around him is always a giggle!
We ate, drank and annoyed everyone off beacuse we were being so loud!

So as you can i see, an evening full of fun! I had a lovely time, and im so grateful for everyone who made it what it was!

I have another suprise on Friday, and then im back upto Leeds on Saturday for more suprises. It's exciting, but scary getting older!

This week i've gotta crack on with work, yesterday i did about 4 hours worth and felt better for it.
But first, hot cross buns are calling me!
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