Sunday, 31 January 2010

The one group getting what we all dream of. I find it quite amusing. Is that totally wrong?

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Frist day back at Uni today was just as awful as i had thought.
Within the first 10 mins we were told we all had to make changes to our dresses we made last term. I'd love to know how im going to do that when mine is based on Alexander McQueen.

Imimagine the frist one quilted, and from neck to ankle. Heres my flat:
i was really pleased with how it turned out, only problem is once it's together, no way in hell is it coming apart.

We also need to do a fashion shoot, one person can fit in it, and she's probably not going to be around to help me. kill me, kill me now.

We got our briefs today, our mini collection will be based on ''Cool Britianna'' which could be pretty amazing or totally hideous. Time will tell. 3 garments shall be made between now and 6th May 2010.
A 3000 word essay must also be completed about Eco- Fashion, im quite looking forward to that.

I was meant to get my marks back for my PPD today, that didn't happen. It's a total piss lesson anyway. She only got my work today, funny when it was handed in on 19th Dec 2009. I didn't stay long.

Tonight im going to start my learning contract, watch a lot of Sex And The City and eat a massive pepper stir fry!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

All the housemates went out last night, i thought i'd stay at Matts as i always get a crap nights sleep being as my bed is over the front door. Plus he handed in all his work so we major chilled out. Im back to uni tomorrow so today was my last stress fee day until probably April.
I went into town, mainly to buy some nail varnish. My nails are at a dencent length now to paint so i thought i'd shop around. (used to bite when stressed)
Came acorss NYC make up brand. At around £2.50 a pot i thought it was quite reasonable and if you brought two items you got a free pair of eyelashes! Can't complain.
I really like how all the colours are named after places in New York City.
I brought another ''Chinatown'' which is a purpley/blue. I'll try that one next week.

I need to tidy my room and attempt to get sorted for tomorrow.
Also, need to pick an outfit. I have to decided the night before otherwise i get major stressed in the morning. Anyone else do that??

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A phone call with my boyfriend and 10 hours sleep have made me feel a lot better. I still feel the same, but whats the point in stressing about things that are out of my control?

Today im going to make Valentines cards, i love making cards and my mum has SO MUCH stuff to use. IM EXCITED!
Dads home made soup for dinner, nomnom. I love being home.

Oh, had a dream last night i was in the Twlight: Eclispe film, i know it's not out for ages yet but im now really excited about it, and dreaming about Robert Pattinson is ALWAYS a way to brighten up your day!

Even though it's only late January but today is the first day it feels like it's getting closer to Spring, and that means my 21st! Scary!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

All of a sudden I've felt this overwhelming sadness.

I don't feel happy with where i am, or where I'm going. There are so many things i wish i had, or that i didn't.
I'd like to be the one person a friend always goes too, instead of being the last one to find out. I'd like people who are meant to be my friends to stop slagging me off, and my actual friends to notice me. I don't have that one friend to talk too and no one ever realises that.

The thought of going back to that house on Monday makes me want to be sick.
The thought of not knowing what i want makes me want to run.

Not posted in a few days, im back home this weekend and not really had chance.
Went out for dinner and drinks with my girl Thursday night which was lovely!
Dragged my parents to Matlan today and found some crackers!
(excuse the rubbish pics and lack of make up)

Purple playsuit limited edition from M&S RRP £50 I got it from eBay for the brilliant price of £10!
I got so much from Matalan for as little as 68p per item!

I also got a long black top that can be worn as a dress for £2 and a lime silk top (actually a really nice colour ) with silver sequins/beads for £2, but that needs some repairing.

I brought John Freida Brilliant Brunette shampoo & conditioner as i've ran out. It's 2 for £7 in Sainsburys at the mo! Should of stocked up really. Also treated myself to Vogue & Grazia.

All in all its been a bargin few weeks. Now I deff need to stop buying!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Im a real life tea pot, I drink tea all the time.
Myself and Matty were talking about our house in july, we've decided we're going to get a nice tea pot. Here are some quirky ones i've found, how lovely!

I personally like the bath tub one the most!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

As part of my course last year, i had to design a range for Topshop A/W 09/10.
I was inspired by Balmain, Chloe and Marc Jacobs and i created these:

Im still waiting for a playsuit & a pair of boots i brought of Ebay last week.
At 9.20am this morning, i thought my luck had come, i saw a post van outside and rannnnnnnnnnnn down the stairs, only to find no one there, so i shouted and he said he left it on the step.
There was nothing there.
Im guessing he was knocking next door and in my sleepy state got confused, and as he didn't look back, he obviously thought i was someone else.
How annoying, im going home on thursday i hope they arrive by then!

On the plus side, my Look magazine should be here soon.

I need to put a wash on, it's going to be my usual day of tea, bed & Sex And The City. I think im however watching too much, when episodes are now becoming my dreams.

Monday, 18 January 2010

What a brilliant fashion editorial based on a classic fairytale, shot by the amazing Annie Leibowitz. I love Lily Cole anyway but so much more after seeing these. Seems quite fitting as Tim Burtons Alice In Wonderland is set to re released in a couple of months.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

I can't even explain how in love with these tights i am. Les queues de sardines have really done it! I really wish they weren't so expensive though!

Last night i decided to start my Sex And The City box set again, because i have nothing to do for the next few days this plan is working out nicely. In the past 12 hours i've watched 9 episodes and im still going. Im in love all over again.

Some of my all time favourite quotes.

Charlotte: Imagine, being blind and not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?
Anthony: Stonewashed jeans and a matching jacket.”

“Carrie: I just love Sleeping Beauty! The music, the sets, the costumes. It's so romantic!
Stanford: You only like it because she sleeps for a hundred years and doesn't age.”

“I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love.”

“I love beautiful clothes and am privileged enough to have access to a lot them ... but they also are returned the next day. They are not mine.”

“Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop figuring out precisely how we feel, stop deciding exactly what we want, and just see what happens.”

“Charlotte: He should've mentioned her earlier.
Samantha: But not too early. I hate it when men do that. "I have a girlfriend." Calm down, I just asked if that seat was taken!”

“Don't worry, sweetie, don't worry! Nobody in New York notices a bus until it's about to hit them!’’

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Totally loving harlequin patterns. I brought some fabric not so long ago that i've been meaning to make a cushion or a skirt out of! As i've got some time off this week i might get my sewing machine out and have a go.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I've been with my boy a year today! ahhh he's ace!
i don't we're doing anything different tonight, just our usual evening.
It's his turn to cook so yummm!

Handed all my work in today, thats me done now for two weeks! i plan on sleeping A LOT!
I'm wearing black leggins, socks and leg warmers. A blue and white baggy lined top, it was a cheap find in primark in the summer and i've not seen anyone wearing it! That makes me happy, must remember to post a pic soon.

Snow is still pretty bad, hella icy! Harrogate must be one of the worst hit. But im now nice and toasty inside. Im going to make a cuppa, didn't have time for one this morning and my body is lacking my caffine fix!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Okay, so im not a size 0, or a 10 infact im actually a size 14/16, I've always been curvy, i have a massive bum and massive boobs and im quite content with that.
However, i do sometimes wish i could wear certain items, i swear some things are made just to make bigger girls feel crap.
I don't eat unhealthy, and im not stupidly unfit. But having big boobs does kinda weigh me down ;)
I'm not one of these girls that will buy a bodycon dress when it clearly will look awful on me, and i won't buy something a small size to make myself feel better.
I know what looks good on me, and i know what won't flatter me. I like to wear plain items and jazz them up in other ways.
Yeah, in a perfect world i'd be smaller, but not much. How boring would i be then?
You don't need to be ulta skinny to look good.

I found this article, and it's actually amazing. It's about time something like this was published.
click on the other days too!

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I've had an awful day so i went out for a couple of drinks with Charlotte.
I wore a polka dot top which was my mums from the 80s with a navy blazer, grey shorts with black tights and of course my Viv bag! Added some gold bracelets to give my outfit some glam!

Monday, 11 January 2010

As i didn't hear from my tutor this morning, i didn't bother trekking into uni. So i've tried to have a good productive day, all i've done is wash all my pjs. But i guess there's nothing quite like clean pjs!

Im going to attempt to sort out my room. Usually im quite organised, ish. However when it comes to my room that fact goes right out the window and i loose everything. I've come to the conclusion, after years in denial, I h a v e t o o m u c h s t u f f.
I've also decided that i need to start recycling all the clothes/bags and accessories i already have. I don't use half of the things i own and tend to stick to a few items and re use them, which is now starting to wind me up!
I can't afford new things and as im not 100% happy with my figure if would be total waste of money, i always used to pride myself on having some sort of style which has seem to taken a back seat in the past year, so i'll use what i already have, in some way or another and try to look fabulous!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

So it’s now been snowing for at least a month off and on, it was amazing at first. the chaos was laughable and everything was so bright and uplifting. However, i really feel that if i see another snow flake again i might have to hop on the first flight out to Austrailia. Which seems highly possible right now as it’s due to snow all night.I’ve not finished my uni work which was meant to be in on friday. I had to make my own trend book, yes i had the power to influence what everyone would be wearing next winter. Mother nature was good to me and closed my Uni. Fingers crossed for it being shut again tomorrow. Im still finding it impossible to get motivated.

I’ve been hibernating at matts for the past two days, finding any excuse possible to not leave his bed (and it wasn’t like THAT) i was so cold at one point i was sat by his radiator with his hoodie on and the hood up. I could not get warm. He ventured out for goodies and brought himself a playstation 3, i have resigned myself that i will not be seeing him for a few days. Last night we watched the extended version or LOTR: Fellowship Of The Ring and ate jam doughnuts. LIFE IS GOOD.

After tiptowing my way across the park, trying so hard not to slip over and smack my head. I walked into the hell that is the house. Seriously, whoever said girls are meant to be clean and tidy clearly never lived with girls. So i’ve decided to stay in my bed and watch Annie (one of my all time faves) and continue to be blinded by the white snow.
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